Berlin Eaton

scope of work: logo/branding; website; disks; holiday cards and calendar; office interior

Change consultancy firm Berlin Eaton came to CS Creative to design a brand identity that reflected the two founding
partners—Shelly Berlin and Richard Eaton—while also highlighting other team members. It was also important that the design be industry-relevant.

CS Creative recognized the importance of first impressions in the HR industry and was particularly cognizant of that while designing their logo. The logo was also a mark that would have to work across a variety of platforms including web, interior design, and a series of  disks used by Berlin Eaton
and their clients.

A logo was developed with two colours that symbolize the differences in the various team members and the ways in which they complement each other, while at the same time remaining industry-appropriate. An offset tittle, or dot over the ‘i’, provides just the right touch of whimsy and flexibility to the overall branding. Berlin Eaton may be consistent and well-organised, but the subtle shift in design says they are never stodgy or rigid.

Implementation of group-based strategies can be a challenge, but to act as a catalyst for change, CS Creative worked with Berlin Eaton to develop multiple sets of disks. These strategic development disks demonstrate Berlin Eaton’s proven formula for helping people adjust to something new and work through change in a positive manner. With customized, original graphics and an easy-to-grasp format, the change disks have been instrumental in helping Berlin Eaton guide their clients through times of transition.