Growing Young Farmers

scope of work: branding

With Simon an avowed foodie and Carol a small farmer in her spare time, it is no wonder Growing Young Farmers was an initiative CS Creative was thrilled to support. Based on the Saanich Peninsula and spearheaded by Dave Friend (better known as Mr. Organic), the program aims to work with schools and community farms to teach kids how to produce food, either on school property or at local organic farms. The students’ education also includes learning about how and where food is produced and grown.

The logo needed to appeal to both children in the program and the sponsors that make it possible to run. It also needed to incorporate both the full name of the organization and its initials, as Growing Young Farmers was also gaining recognition as GYF. Finally, given its non-profit status and a commitment to directing as much funding towards the project as possible, a logo that was cost-effective to reproduce was required.

The logo incorporated both the full name and acronym into its design and also shows a seed, a bulb, and roots. These elements were all meant to show the initial stages of something, for example: a child’s growing involvement in food, or to indicate how different plants grow, a nod to the shock some children exhibit when taught that potatoes come from the ground. Costs were kept reasonable by using only two colours, yet the logo retained a polished feel through the suggestion of three-dimensionality and perspective.