Oak Bay Figure Skating Club

scope of work: program and tickets

A former figure skater herself, Carol has also spent plenty of time rink side: for years her daughter has skated with the Oak Bay Figure Skating Club (OBFSC). With such a deep connection to the sport, when the OBFSC needed tickets and programs for their semi-annual fundraising show in 2011, it was natural CS Creative would step in to help.

Mindful of budget, CS Creative used out-of-copyright images from the original printing of Alice in Wonderland for the interior of the program. These images were a very economical choice for the non-profit group and also evoked memories of childhood for many in the audience. When the traditional imagery was combined with whimsical, contemporary artwork created by CS Creative, the resulting programs also drew in those less familiar with the Lewis Carroll classic. The unique illustrative approach and some quirky typography led to an eye-catching and effective design solution for the club’s show.