Health Care Cooperatives Federation of Canada

scope of work: branding

The Health Care Cooperatives Federation of Canada (HCCFC) approached CS Creative to develop a new logo for the organization in honor of the International Year of Cooperatives in 2011. Health care cooperatives in Canada are member-owned organizations that work to provide health and wellness care to their clients, meeting the requirements mandated by the Canada Health Act while enjoying the freedom to offer increased or alternative services to member patients. The HCCFC works to support health cooperatives across Canada in delivering these important services.

CS Creative combined several elements to develop the right logo for this organization. These included a maple leaf, which signified the national aspect of the Federation and the suggestion of two people embracing and working together, evocative of a collective, united, and cooperative model.

The two figures embracing—red with sharp points—also protect the blue spheres within, suggesting that patients are protected and cared for by a holistic, protective team of health care practitioners willing to tackle health concerns from all angles.