Forest Practices Board 2010–2011

scope of work: annual report (2010–2011)

Though certain information is required in an annual report, it has been a pleasure for CS Creative to work with a client like the Forest Practices Board, as they recognize that each year is unique and presents its own opportunities for creativity and innovation.

When working on the 2010/2011 Annual Report, CS Creative was asked to make use of as much photography as possible following the completion of a Board-wide employee photography contest. By using employee-taken photographs, CS Creative was able to include some amazing images taken right from the field, visually bringing the Forest Practices Board’s extensive geographic range directly into the view of the reader. Through this process, buy-in was increased throughout the Forest Practices Board, allowing all staff to feel a part of the process.

The resulting design was both fresh and visually appealing and highlights the extraordinary natural beauty of the British Columbian forests that the Forest Practices Board works to monitor.