Forest Practices Board 2011–2012

scope of work: annual report

CS Creative has worked with the Forest Practices Board on multiple occasions, and in each year that CS Creative has worked on their annual reports, they have been able to enjoy creative freedom while presenting important information.

The 2011/2012 Annual Report gave CS Creative an exciting opportunity to explore elements of the forest in unexpected ways, which, combined with a unique square format, gives the Forest Practices Board an individualized, high-impact, and insightful platform through which to deliver their important yearly summary to stakeholders and interested parties.

Each section of the report features illustrations that depict aspects of plants found in the forests of BC, such as cones, leaves, or needles. These illustrations were customized by CS Creative and each has been rendered in the colour of that particular section of the report. While these colours are not all found in the forests, they provide a fresh and contemporary look while remaining based in a natural palette. At the back of the report a key to the various illustrations educates readers about plant species found in local forestry regions.